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Proven Ways To Hit Pause

Need some positive vibes? We asked the experts how to recharge and reset.

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If you don’t feel comfortable discussing your mental health issues with friends and family, find a community that gets what you’re going through. Sad Girls Club is judgement-free zone that exists online and IRL.

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Don’t sleep on the power of, well, sleep. According to the National Alliance on Metal Illness (NAMI), “poor sleep has been shown to significantly worsen the symptoms of many mental health issues.” To clock quality Zzzs, The Jed Foundation recommends reserving your bed solely for rest (avoid watching TV, doing homework, or hanging with friends). For more tips and tricks, click here.

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“As quickly as five minutes into physical activity, individuals can notice an enhancement in their mood,” reports The Jed Foundation, who also notes that regular exercise can reduce symptoms of anxiety, alleviate depression, improve health, and even lead to a better night’s sleep. Need motivation to get moving? Create a killer playlist and sweat on your own schedule.

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If journaling isn’t your jam, there are countless apps that can track your thoughts and feelings. Recording your emotions can help you identify patterns and triggers that aren’t always obvious. Tune into you with Daylio Journal, an app that allows you to easily track your mood, daily activities, and goals.

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